If you have been in business for any period of time, you have probably heard the phrase, “Happy employees make happy customers.”

While that is true, there are also several other benefits to having happy employees including:

  • reduced recruiting costs,
  • reduced new-hire training costs, and
  • increased customer loyalty resulting in:
    • increased buying frequency
    • increased wallet share
    • customer advocacy

Perhaps one of the biggest opportunities with having a great company culture is that you do not have to continually increase starting wages for your contact center or other business units because your employees become your company evangelists.

PDC Consulting’s Chief Operations Officer and Chief Consultant, Trey Fischer, has experience creating outstanding company cultures for several contact center environments that have resulted in some of the United States’ most highly rated customer service organizations. He believes firmly that one of the key ingredients in having a customer service organization that sets you apart from the competition is a great contact center and/or company culture.

To accomplish a great culture takes planning, effort and execution. PDC Consulting can help your company get the right culture in place for your business to stand out from the rest. To learn more, set up an appointment for a free consultation below!

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