Contact Center Health Check

When you know you need to improve but are not sure where to start, we can do a two-day evaluation to help you find your opportunities.

Customer Service Strategy

Need to figure out where to start, but not sure where to start or why to start there.  We can help you develop the strategy that sets you apart.

Cost Savings

If you are looking to drive expense out of your contact center.  We have the experience to help you drive cost out without driving out customer experience.

Outsourcing Success

You often hear about outsourcing issues and have likely called somewhere that has caused you to have your own outsourcing horror story.  We can help you set up or tweak your existing outsourcing program.

Home Agent Program

Whether you are looking to cut costs, escape the recruiting issues of a tight market, or you are growing and simply do not have the space, a home agent program can help.  But they are not without their own set of challenges.  Let us help you start or improve your program with confidence.

RFP Writing / Responses

Putting a Request for Proposal (RFP) together can be difficult if you do not know the contact center or customer service business.   Whether writing or responding, we have the experience to assist you.

Executive Training

Are you an executive that has recently inherited or been assigned responsibility for a contact center and/or customer service program, but do not have much experience with those types of teams?  We can get you up-to-speed quickly.

I-9 Verification

Already have a home agent program, but have to keep it local because I-9 verification is difficult?  We have a solution for your I-9 verification needs to help you expand the geography of your home agent program.

Interim Leaderhsip Staffing

Shutting down or relocating a contact center and your leadership team has left early?  Find yourself with a role that is temporarily empty?  We can help close your contact center or fill that position with interim contracted leadership staffing.

New Contact Center Setup

Starting a new contact center?  We can advise on location selection, technology set up, recruiting, staffing estimates and any several other of the steps that go into launching a new contact center.

Technology Evaluation

Is it time to look at making some changes to your contact center or customer service technologies.  We can help here too?  Whether you simply need to learn who the top players are for the solutions you need, or you need assistance with the entire evaluation and selection process, we can help make it easy for you.

Speaking Engagements

Need a speaker to talk about how to achieve a lower friction (customer effort) environment or to discuss how to be successful in reducing turnover and increasing employee morale and engagement.  We are happy to discuss speaking engagements for your event.

Preferences / Omni-Channel

Does all the marketing out there have you confused about what preferences and omni-channel really is and how to achieve it?  We can help you sort through the noise and get you on the path to success.

Customer Effort Analysis

We can help you evaluate where your customer effort opportunities are.  Sometimes, it takes an extra set of eyes to see what causes your customers difficulties.  We can evaluate your existing customer experience as well as help you design the processes for identifying effort on your own.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. has a great potential far beyond bots for your contact center.  We can help you understand what A.I. and deep learning can unleash in your contact center, as well as evaluate the best applications for your specific business.

Training Programs

We help you take your training program to the next level.  Not just how to accomplish training, but how to measure the effectiveness of your training, automate training and identify the tools that can help you train without adding lots of costs and expense.

Next Steps…

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