Our Approach

First, we set up a time to discuss your issues or opportunities to make sure we understand what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Once we have determined if we are the correct fit for your project, we lay out for you a step-by-step approach on how we are going to help you achieve your goals.  This also allows us to give you an up front estimate on the cost of your project as well as an expected timeline.

After the necessary paperwork is out of the way, Kat Lan Tat Services will set up a timeline with you to complete the steps in the process.  Including setting up milestones and making sure we have collaboratively defined what the expected outcomes will be.

Our Story

Trey spent the first 24 years of his career working in five different contact centers with the idea always in the back of his mind to someday become a consultant.  Trey would often get asked by peers familiar with his work and people that he would meet at conferences to do consulting, but his family always comes first.

Waiting for his two boys to become older so that it would become easier to travel, Trey has created Kat Lan Tat Services, LLC with the hopes of making a larger impact in the world's level of customer service.  Trey has always considered himself a magnet for poor customer service experiences and has always wanted to do something about it.  Instead of working for one company and making their program exceptional, he believes he can have a bigger impact on the world by helping several companies make their projects and processes exceptional, whether big or small.

Trey and his teams have been recognized by CIO Magazine (twice) for leading in the customer self-service space while with one of his companies.  He and his teams have also been recognized by Consumer Reports for, "Treating their customers well" and having one of the top-three customer service programs in the United States with another of his companies.  He was also recognized during his time with Hewlett-Packard as being one of the top 300 innovators in the company (top 0.1% of the company).  Trey and his team also accomplished a 95% customer satisfaction rating with a healthcare company.  An industry known for having lower than average customer satisfaction ratings.

 The name Kat Lan Tat Services, LLC is derived from the names of his wife and two sons (KATherine, LANgdon and TATe), as they are the reason he does and accomplishes most things in his life.


Trey Fischer

Chief Consultant - Owner

About Trey Fischer

  • 24+ years in the Contact Center Industry
  • Started as a contact center agent and has held every role in a contact center at some point in his career.  This gives him a very clear picture of what is important to people at all levels of an organization.
  • Has worked in the Utilities, eCommerce, Direct Marketing, Retail, Credit & Collections, and Healthcare verticals.
  • Gallup Strength Finder Top Five:  Futuristic, Strategic, Achiever, Ideation, Competition
  • Has lead contact centers ranging in size from 25 people to 2,600 people and has lead as many as 17 sites.
  • Experience with outsourcing and home agent programs.
  • Work recognized by CIO Magazine and Consumer Reports

Next Steps...

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