Kat Lan Tat Services was established in 2019 by Tim “Trey” Fischer. Tim had spent 25 years in the contact center and customer service industry before deciding he could have a bigger impact on customer service as a whole. Trey set out with the goal in mind to try to help companies become more successful at creating frictionless experiences for their customers. He named his company Kat Lan Tat Services, LLC and started out as an independent Customer Service & Contact Center Consultant.

It did not take Trey long to realize there were other consulting needs that his clients had outside of customer service and contact centers. Often, the companies he was working with needed other related services In 2020, Trey added business insurance consulting and contact center headhunting to the list of Kat Lan Tat’s services.

Trey is often asked why the name of the company can be mistaken for the name of Asian cuisine. After considering several customer service and contact center related names, he ultimately named it after the three things that are most important to him. Kat Lan Tat represents the first three letters his wife and two sons’ names: Katherine, Langdon and Tate.