Kat Lan Tat Services prices its services based on one of the following three methods:

  • One-Time Projects
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Retainer Agreements

One-Time Projects

One-time projects are typically any consulting arrangement in which a specific Statement of Work (SOW) to accomplish a single task or goal. Within the SOW milestones are identified and upon completion of those milestones payment is made. One time projects are typically a single engagement where once the final milestone is completed, there are no other services provided.

A price is typically agreed upon at the beginning of the project. Examples of One-Time Projects are installing programs such as Remote Agents, Training and Training Development, Recruiting/Headhunting, Business Insurance Analysis, Policy Manual Development and others.

Retainer Agreements

Retainer Agreements are often the most cost-effective and flexible of the three types of agreements. Under a retainer agreement, a rate is negotiated over a period of time and/or for a pre-determined amount of hours of consulting time to be used. If either the period of time or the amount of hours end, the services are no longer provided.

What makes this option the most flexible is that the business can put PDC Consulting on retainer and use the consulting time to receive consulting on multiple topics or on an as-needed basis. Retainers are typically used in situations where the business wants to receive consulting, but plans on completing the work themselves. Should PDC Consulting be asked to complete deliverables such as papers, materials, training development, etc., a One-Time Project would need to be added separately.

Retainer Agreements are the most cost-effective as the typical price is much lower per hour than a One-Time Project.

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